Hello, I'm tess muth. artist and painter

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My background


33 years of experience with multiple exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Paintings are collected and utilized in multiple commercial and residential interior design venues, print, and fashion advertising. They possess broad residential, corporate, and public appeal.  

My Medium


Abstract, contemporary, and colorful - my work is a 2-D fusion process. Depth and dimension materializes from the wood panel base. I patiently apply and layer acrylic, enamel, crystals and shimmery metal flake to agitate the work surface and create movement and vitality. Each of these individual layers are finally set in a binder of colorless epoxy resin.    

My Inspiration


 My intention is to establish an ethereal connection with the universe, communicating energy utilizing a multi-dimensional surface. The observer is drawn in to explore the mind bending explosion of color and reflected light. The viewer creates their desired perspective, ranging from the sub-atomic to the cosmic. Order and entropy, calm and anarchy collide in the consciousness and surprisingly create a Zen-like cerebral peace and sumptuous beauty.